Hello. I'm Nikki.

A wild mind. My mind is wild, for sure. I bounce off in a thousand directions at once, running down a sinewy strand of thought only to stop mid-stride, look up, and think, This isn’t what I’m supposed to do. This isn’t what I want. Is it?

I have been writing since the fifth grade, in one form or the other. Usually in a journal, sometimes on this site. A lot of fiction, not as many essays, thousands and thousands of lines of code. I have often felt I am a living juxtaposition. I am the embodiment of logic and structure and deliberateness—a programming career forces one to think along these lines. In other moments, I am the shape of a tornado: chaos and emotion and unpredicatable force. As I have gotten older, the delta between these two extremes has grown smaller, tighter; the edges are more defined. It’s nice to see the change. To be more precise and deliberate in what I want to accomplish in this world, without giving up on the serendipity of daily life, is a welcome shift.

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