Photo of the Brandenburg Gate by yours truly.


We left Berlin just over an hour ago and are hurtling toward Prague at 160 kilometers an hour on a train.

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Persistence, Pertinacity, & Patience

I’m back. A whirlwind trip to New York City to celebrate an old friend’s fortieth birthday and Broadway debut as part of the ensemble cast of My Fair Lady.

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It’s a black virus wending its way through your veins or a vicious storm on the sea’s horizon threatening the small, wooden boat you just finished building.

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Time to Start Dating Again?

I got back on OK Cupid again today.

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Once a Toy

I was going to write about the time I spent on a ranch in California but, as I began to write it this evening, I realized that deserved more time than I want to give to this post tonight.

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The Wrong Narrative

This morning, Jen over at Jen’s Life (I adore her URL), responded to a comment I had made on her post.

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Sister Lives

There are two fears that loom large in my life.

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