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Origin Story

The child was very much alive.

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Colorado Is Nice This Time of Year

She knew Colorado would be cold this time of year.

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Keep Moving South

The rain pounds outside. The sleet mixes in, bangs against the windows and tin roof, like an angry wolf attacking a helpless rabbit.

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Coffee and Complaining

“I like my coffee black. You look like a young Helen Mirren.

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Caught Crossing the Wall

Anya shifted in the steel chair, arched her back and tilted her head from one shoulder to the other.

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In the Thin Blue Light

The headaches were the worst part.

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Interview with an Assassin

They say that every good crime story has an inciting incident.

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Death Wears a Yellow Sundress

Death is coming for me. I can feel her in the curtain folds when I wake in the morning.

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Get a Move on Jane

Jane—at least that’s what she thought her name was for tonight; maybe it was Erica—slid through the crowded room, around gesticulating bodies wrapped up in each other’s limbs.

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First Job

I wasn’t always a software programmer.

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