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A Reset of Sorts

Have you ever seen Complete Unknown?

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It Really Comes Down to "Just Write"

I haven’t written in ten days.

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A Wild Heart Yet Practical Mind

The tattoo I had inked in Prague is just about healed.

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You Need to Write, the App

So, I built something yesterday.

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Permission Into the Unknown

I’m currently reading A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit.

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We left Berlin just over an hour ago and are hurtling toward Prague at 160 kilometers an hour on a train.

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In the Moment Feels

In between the staccato voice of the announcer, in between the different languages (of which I only understand English), there is the absolute tiredness that comes from being up for twenty-six hours straight, and the sheer joy of lifting away from the ground, the green of London falling behind, and blinding white clouds laid out like a rollicking, frothy sea.

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Managing the Missteps

I didn’t write yesterday. I missed another day of writing my three pages or 750 words somewhere.

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Persistence, Pertinacity, & Patience

I’m back. A whirlwind trip to New York City to celebrate an old friend’s fortieth birthday and Broadway debut as part of the ensemble cast of My Fair Lady.

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Bear Rising

This past weekend, I began purging.

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