Wild Mind

thoughts of a chaotic soul


I have moved out of the city, back to the rural life. It's a small town about 90 minutes northwest of New York, a handful of miles from both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is green, it is quiet, and it is lovely.

This semester, I'm taking two courses at Harvard's Extension School. A degree is something I have been thinking about for the past few years and HES is very flexible for working professionals. I'm taking my time with school but it's something I want to do just for myself, not tied to a job or necessary for my career.

During these duringtimes, I am slowing down a bit. I have stressed and worried over jobs and my career for so long that it just feels wasteful. I'm looking for long mornings writing with coffee. Long hours to think and dive deep, instead of listening to the alerts on my phone.

Last updated August 4, 2020

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