I’ve restyled this site over the past week. Mostly, I reduced the leading on paragraphs and removed the airy-ness of the previous design. I decided to make the site look more like a book, with no margins between paragraphs and indentation. It feels nicer to me, more aesthetically pleasing. Follwing Web Typography: A handbook for designing beautiful and effective responsive typography even more closely, I still have some ways to go on making text more responsive at different sizes. One of my focuses on this redesign was to simplify the CSS and remove as many classes and IDs as I could; this is still a work in progress. However, I am now only using web safe fonts and removed the font files, which had accounted for the bulk of this site’s weight. The home page went from loading in 1.25 seconds to half a second and a total page size of 929 KB to 12 KB (source).

This redesign follows a trend in my personal life of reducing complexity and reliance on outside sources. I have started being more conscientious in what I want out of my life, more deliberate. This may be because I am older or, more likely, because my partner has shown a care and deliberate practice of achieving her goals that I want to emulate. I’ve also taken inspiration from Craig Mod, Chris Krycho, and Robin Sloan in regards to the potentiality of a personal site like mine (i.e. a site that is hard to categorize). I am excited about my site, which hasn’t happened for a while.

Last night, when I told C about the redesign, she asked, “What’s the purpose of having a site?” and I didn’t have a good answer. I am setting out to answer that question.